Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thulsa Doom was a Cleric

I was thinking recently about classic D&D character classes and their portrayal in the media. Most players I have known base their preconceptions of the classes in the game from movies and TV. With that in mind I thought to reverse the process. By taking a role from a movie or TV show and ascribing a class based on certain attributes.
That way you get a fresh perspective on that class.
In Conan the Barbarian (1982) the character Thulsa Doom is clearly a cleric.
Lets go to the check list.
  • Wears heavy armour? Check
  • Head of a religious order? Check (cult of set)
  • Mystical powers? Check (transforms into a giant snake)
  • Clear alignment choice? Check (chaos or evil as you prefer)
  • Fights using weapons? Check (yes he uses a bow but he's evil)
So now I can look at Clerics in my game with a clearer vision as to where they fit in the world. High level NPC clerics are the heads of the various religions or cults of the land. PC clerics can be members or former members of one of those. I picture these clerics at the head of battle defending their faiths.The combination of magic and martial prowess make them formidable oppenents. Strong leaders who take bold action.Backed up by an army devoted to them they lead the charge. Rather than skulk in the second line handing out CLW's like candy.

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