Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Gateway

Here is an idea for introducing new players to a game world.

 A bright flash and your eyes slowly adjust to the light. You are standing in between the pillars of a ancient stone gate way. You have no idea how you got here, and you realize you don't remeber anything about yourself. A wild bearded man in tattered robes approaches loudly exclaiming. "Ah the gods have sent more to us, Welcome, Welcome strangers to our lands". "You will have many questions , yes but first you should eat and drink to regain some of your vigor". He and several others all similarly dressed drag you down the hill top to a small town and into a tavern. As you eat a hearty meal and drink some good wine or ale some small bit of memory returns.  
At this point the characters can remember their names and classes/levels (if applicable) but that's it. No other details, as they are just created characters their aren't any of course.
As you eat the bearded man explains; you have been sent to us from other places and we can help you start your new life here with us. " You are welcome to settle here if you wish, some newcomers have of course, but you may wish to continue your chosen professions as well". 

The next few days are spent teaching you of the lands and customs that they know of. This is of course the sketch notes of the world they will be adventuring in. Any gaps in knowledge can be attributed to lack of recall or something that was not known to the villagers of the gateway. I thought of this with D&D in mind but will work for any RPG. This was designed after seeing a number of adventuring groups fail to understand the world they were in. This offers an easy explanation for this lack of knowledge.

-Happy Gaming  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

D&D 5th goes OGL? Meh, what ever.

 In case you haven't heard the news, D&D fifth edition has just been released for the OGL. My reaction is less than enthusiastic. Why? Because official D&D hasn't been my game of choice for some time now (since the switch form 3 to 3.5). The sucker punch of the official switch from one edition to another after so short of a time scale (only two years between my purchase of the 3rd Ed books and the 3.5 roll out) turned me off trying to stay current. I liked 3 rd edition just fine, but 4th just left me cold. Way too over complicated, tactically focused and just plain weird. I don't know what to think about 5th yet as I haven't absorbed it yet. But one thing I can say is that it's not my D&D. Some time ago I discovered the OSR community and found many of whom shared the desire to retain a simpler form of the rules.

 What did the OGL do for 3rd ed? Did it improve the game? Did it make it more accessible? These questions will most likely be asked of 5th ed and time will tell. But for me I see nothing but a glut of 5th ed material choking off some other possibly more creative stuff. I don't think its really good for the hobby. I see many game producers ditching their independent projects to crank out more OGL stuff. Soon the 5th ed like the Borg of Star Trek will assimilate all. Crazy talk? Maybe but one thing  is for sure, the new OGL doesn't matter much to me. You can always check out the SRD and judge for yourself. But as for me, Meh.

P.S. hopefully this post marks a return to me posting regularly 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Too Quiet For A long Time

Yes I have been not posting for the longest time ever. No this blog is not over, finished or abandoned. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Other Blog

 I have started another blog. I know, I can't seem to post regularly on this one so why would I take on more. The other blog is just for war gaming. My other past time. I play more war games than role playing games. And I want this blog to be for just RPGs. Go give it a look sometime.

 Enemy Of Dice

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Mountain of Old Lead Behind Glass

 Some old miniatures I ran across at an antique store. It figures (ha pun) I would find a gold mine like this when I just don't have the cash to spare. I wouldn't normally care, however lately I've gone on a bit of the nostalgic kick for old lead. Since I discovered some old figs I had and decided to spruce them up by stripping them down and repainting them. There is really something to the old designs that I have come to like. The blocky oversize proportions and the cartoony style.  Maybe its nostalgia for those lost days of gaming way back . Around the blogosphere there has been the question of the OSR not supporting miniatures for play. If so then how do you explain all those miniatures released as role playing sets, even official D&D boxes. Back then not every game used figs. But I can remember some that did, and figure hunting was part of the fun. Nothing was better than the satisfaction of finding the perfect mini for your character. A wide selection of minis was hard to come by where I was and often some adaptation was needed. I recall once designing a character for a game based solely on the mini I had for him! Miniatures fell out of favor with my group and myself included as the cost and time to paint and difficulty in transporting them began to outweigh their usefulness. I don't use them anymore but and I have no plans to ever use them again but I still like them. Maybe now my collector side is coming though.  

Keep Smiling

I missed this post from my Great Grand Uncle's WW I diary, so I am posting it late.
Entry #2
I left for Finner Camp in the advance party. Finner is in Co. Donegal, an ideal camping site, as the soil is very sandy.Our first experiences of soldiering left nothing to be desired, as our daily training included a bath until the weather got too rough. We were in tents and experienced some very rough weather, as we were on the coast of a very wild part. Our training continued steadily and we had some very nice route marches to neighboring towns, including Ballyshnnon, Bundoran, and Beleek. We remained in tents until the December 3rd.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling, that was the personal motto of W. McCormack my grandfather's uncle. One hundred years ago on September 9th he enlisted in the British army. I know this because I have a copy of the transcript of his diary from that time. I will try to post all his entries on a day by day basis for the next four years. This is big project and hope I can stick it out till the end. Some Entries like this first one are only one line but others are longer. There are some large time gaps and you will just have to manage as I won't "speed up time" for this project. I know its not roleplaying ( and I was going to put it in its own blog ) but its something people might like to read. I might move it over to a separate blog later sometime.

Entry #1

Enlisted at old town hall and drilled in Davidson's Yard Until the 27th September.