Wednesday, March 25, 2009

James Maliszewski is a machine

James Maliszewski is a machine, a blogging machine. His blog GROGNARDIA has some impressive stats. 63 posts so far for March, and its only the 25th. 179 posts for 2009. Last year he posted 449 times. I know its not a competition but first prize goes to him. I can for now only aspire to make the contribution to the old school movement and role-playing in general that he has. Take a bow Mr Mlaiszewski.


  1. OK, time to let you in on the secret. James Maliszewski is actually the pseudonym for a strange collective of Canadian gamer-ascetics.

    James Maliszewski <> Tyler Durden <> Kyzer Soze ;)

  2. He is a legend that gamers tell to their children so that they grow up to be old school.