Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ignorance Of History

I was looking at some pictures of the recient Fan Expo posted on a facebook page. And I came across this picture. The caption read "French artillery officer. (Battlefield: 1412 I think?) ". WHAT? Battlefield:1412? Does she seriously think its from a game? Really? And 1412? 1412 would be knights in plate armour. Try 1812. What are they teaching kids now? You know the War of 1812? Google it. Or Wikipedia or read a book, geez. And to be specific he is a British artillery private. Its a historical military uniform not a costume. Did it not occur to this girl to ask the guy wearing it? That level of ignorance of history just really bothers me.


  1. You ask some good questions. Did you put any of them to the girl who posted the picture & caption? If not, then perhaps you should :)

  2. Hi there --- this fine gentlemen is a member of our reenactment unit, the Royal Artillery --- a cannon unit. The Royal Artillery fought for the British during the War of 1812 --- no French here, I'm afraid. I agree with what you say. It's quite awful how little folks know about their own history.