Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog

Dice of Doom is two years old. As of yesturday. I forgot to post about it. I blame my ADD. Not just gamer ADD but real did-poorly-in-school-and-used-to-take-medication-for-it ADD. But since the first post on January 14 2008 was about the creation of the blog itself and the real first article was the following day I can still celebrate.
I think that my ADD may have had something to do with my fondness for D&D. Like many with ADD I am frequently bored. I need alot of stimulation. And I found it in simulation. When I became to old for acceptable pretend games and I did't care for the structure of drama classes I found D&D. It was more than just a game. It captured my attention and rekindled my imagination. I required you to think and create not just play. I think that the recient versions of the game are more mundane. Just games. Less and less creation and more memorization. D&D was a wonderful uncut diamond in the rough. But as that stone has been cut and polished it has been diminished. This blog will continue to be a refuge for the flawed and imperfect thing that is the original editon style of D&D. Long may it shine.

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