Thursday, February 10, 2011

As Seen On TV

I finally saw the episode of Community where they play AD&D. Its not really the best portrayal of it on TV. They skip over most of the identifiable mechanics of the game. But they do so to push the plot along. I don't blame them for doing so. The game itself is boring as a spectator sport. I don't think we will ever see TSN broadcast the World Series of Dungeons and Dragons. And the game is being played largely by those whom have never played before. I thought it was particularly funny when Abed the DM starts to describe the different characters and how they might choose one only to have the players scramble and randomly grab sheets. That would not happen in any groups I have played with. The focus of how the game is shown is through the players choices. Die rolls serve only to provide drama or comedy, like the die roll for Pierce to successfully rub his balls on the sword. Its not the best version, that award goes to the Freaks and Geeks episode featuring Carlos the dwarf. In the Community episode it doesn't really matter that the game is D&D. That is secondary, any game could be substituted. Many have wondered about why that version of D&D was used. Maybe the writers picked AD&D for the widest possible recognition. Or it might have been a subtle homage to the afor mentioned Freaks and Geeks episode. Or possibly to avoid copyright infringement. Whatever the reason it was good to see D&D being shown without it being analyzed.


  1. "Its not the best version, that award goes to the Freaks and Geeks episode featuring Carlos the dwarf."

    Nope, the TV presentation that presents D&D in the best light is the episode of The IT Crowd where some typical business clients come to London expecting to be set up with prostitutes, but Moss teaches them D&D instead and they like it.

    I liked the Community episode well enough. I actually don't normally find Community funny, but enjoyed that episode.

  2. There was an essentials book on the table at the end, between Abed & Troy.