Monday, July 11, 2011

What's Up With Blogger?

Has anyone else noticed continue weirdness going on with Blogger? People have complained about lost posts and missing features. But has anyone else noticed a huge change in their hits counter? I write this blog for my own amusement but knowing that I have an audience is important to me. I pay attention to the hits counter for fun and I don't worry about it mostly. But something funny has gone on with it lately I think. Since the start of this blog the number of hits has grown slowly but steadily. In May I had 700 page views. In June I had 1967. Wow a huge increase. I was happy. I don't do this for the page views but its nice to be read. But then July was a big drop. Only 246. Yes i know its only the 11th of the month. But looking at page views pr day I got 243 for June 15th and the very next day I got 30. Huh? That's a huge drop. And the trend continued on from that day. For the end of June and the beginning of July I am way below average on hits per day. Its as if suddenly everyone stopped reading my blog, all at once, on the same day. And now I am being boycotted. I don't think that is what is going on. But I ask anyone else if they to have noticed a huge change in the number of hits on your page. Up or down, any sudden change with out a reason. Just let my know by posting below (if you can, I heard that was not working as well) or e-mail me. My e-mail is posted in the about me section.


  1. I'd just write it all off to being summer and folks (myself included) are spending more time doing other stuff.

  2. I still think that week of high hit counts everybody had was from GoogleBlogger testing things after their "upgrade" went all Discordian on them (and us).

  3. New theory: Seeing how the Google people say they will be "rebranding" (a word that should only be used if it involves hot irons) Blogger and Picasa to be part of GooglePlus (, I now suspect the week of hits was part of the preparation for the transfer. Time will tell.