Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shift Of Focus

I get it . I think I really get it. MMOs I mean. I of late have been entranced by the World Of Tanks online game. Its a MMO for tank vs tank combat with 1930's to 1950's vintage armoured vehicles. Despite not being a RPG it fits the MMO mould. You fight battles to get experience and money to research and accuire better tanks and equipment. I have been at times been caught up in a quest to improve a tank or with better equipment. Or get enought points to upgrade to a better tank. This is not that different then what you do in a MMORPG like World Of Wracraft. There is very little roleplaying in WoW and thats the way most like it given its huge popularity. The only connection to traditional RPGs is perhaps its fantasy setting. The design of WoW was influenced by RPGs. Yet now it seems to have reversed this and now influences RPG design. I speak of course of 4th ed D&D which many have said plays like a pen and paper MMORPG. The early days of roleplaying seemed to focus on exploring worlds of fantasy. Now the focus seems to be on improving your character. I wonder when did the shift occur or at least start to?

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