Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Got it , I Got it

Number two on the list of inspirational authors from the AD&D 1st ed DMG. I have been looking for years. Apparently John Bellairs is mainly a children's novel writer with only one adult book to his name. That might explain why its been difficult for me to find a copy. But after a recent trip to the local used book store to just browse the shelves it practically jumped out at me. I wasn't even looking for it at the time. Although coming in at less than 200 pages (my copy has 174) I look forward to it with great anticipation. Each book that I have read from that list has given me great insight into the complex realm that is Dungeons & Dragons.


  1. It's a fun book. Hunting for everything on Appendix N is definitely worth doing.

    Then again, consider that D&D was basically "what we're reading / watching / listening to" so whatever you're reading could be your inspiration.

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