Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Lost My Notes

AARRGG! I lost my notes. I who never lose anything have lost my notes. I made a note about my next few posts. I just jotted a few thoughts on a single piece of small note paper. I can't find it anywhere.
I will just have to reconstruct the ideas from memory. During the search I did find an old note about several subjects that I never posted so its not too bad. One question to you fellow bloggers;
Do you plan ahead or just wing it when posting?


  1. Honestly? I wing it. Planning what to say sounds too disciplined for me. I do that with my sermons too. I rarely plan weeks ahead. I'll be making an exception over the next few weeks.

  2. I don't have an exact method, but my posts are split roughly as follows:
    *1/3 = repetitive posts (e.g., Monster Monday)
    *1/3 = one-time "content" posts (e.g., a review of a certain book, or a study of some old school topic)
    *1/3 = series posts (e.g., I've been writing posts called "Monsters as PCs." So far, I've done about 5 of them)

    For inspiration, I keep a running list I call "Blog Ideas." It's got 30-40 ideas for one-off posts I can do.

  3. wing it.
    for a few I start a post, then save it to finish later (I have some very old ones that will probably never be finished), or sometimes I'll draft the text for minis posts before I actually finish painting/photographing the minis.
    some ideas I just leave stewing in my head until the time comes.
    The problem (for me) with writing down notes is that unless I look them over a few times, I completely forget whatever I wrote's like a memory dump. must be my age.