Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lifestyles of the Parental and Gameless

 I haven't posted much lately. I can't seem to get past the lazies. Maybe its because I am not playing or running anything right now. My new-found parental responsibilities got in the way of my previous gaming. I have also missed out on OSR Con. The second one ran last weekend in nearby Toronto. I missed last year too because of financial difficulties. This year it was the time I could not spare. Ah well hopefully I will make it next year.
 I feel guilty for  just writing about role playing and not actually doing it. I should start a game of something. I know enough people who would play. And its possible to work it into my schedule. My biggest problem is so far making decisions about the game I will run. I can't seem to make up my mind. And not just rules but setting and background. To help with this I bought a new note book to write stuff down. Its a composition book with pages that are hard to tear out. I am optimistic that a bunch of random scribbling and no page tearing-out will eventually work. Oh and I will write in pen. Something I almost never do. Maybe this will get me out of my rut caused by too much responsibility. So if you know me, and play RPGs I just might ask you to join my game.

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