Friday, September 7, 2012

The Land Of Pluses

 Another thing that bothers me about the D&D rules is the proliferation of bonuses. Many little plus ones that make each less meaningful but yet have players scrambling to get as many as they can. Strength bonus, level bonus, magic weapons, magic spells and weapon vs armour bonuses. Stacking as many as they can players seem only to live or die for them. And yet I have seen a player toss away a magic sword because it was "only +1 and not worth the encumbrance" as he said. And how many times have you seen a Fighter with only average Strength? Or a Magic-user with average Intelligence? Or a average Wisdom Cleric? This is not the way I want to play.
 I have a plan to make each +1 more important.  I am going take them away. Well not all of them, but most of them. Only the level bonus and and magic will be used. And magic weapons will be limited +1. Maybe now players will not toss a magic weapon away because its only +1.

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  1. i always make magic weapons/items rare so they remain special. But i also roll 3d6 to make extraordinary ability scores special, so what do I know.