Thursday, October 9, 2014


Mountain of Old Lead Behind Glass

 Some old miniatures I ran across at an antique store. It figures (ha pun) I would find a gold mine like this when I just don't have the cash to spare. I wouldn't normally care, however lately I've gone on a bit of the nostalgic kick for old lead. Since I discovered some old figs I had and decided to spruce them up by stripping them down and repainting them. There is really something to the old designs that I have come to like. The blocky oversize proportions and the cartoony style.  Maybe its nostalgia for those lost days of gaming way back . Around the blogosphere there has been the question of the OSR not supporting miniatures for play. If so then how do you explain all those miniatures released as role playing sets, even official D&D boxes. Back then not every game used figs. But I can remember some that did, and figure hunting was part of the fun. Nothing was better than the satisfaction of finding the perfect mini for your character. A wide selection of minis was hard to come by where I was and often some adaptation was needed. I recall once designing a character for a game based solely on the mini I had for him! Miniatures fell out of favor with my group and myself included as the cost and time to paint and difficulty in transporting them began to outweigh their usefulness. I don't use them anymore but and I have no plans to ever use them again but I still like them. Maybe now my collector side is coming though.  

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