Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anatomy of a post

Its been ten days since I last posted anything. Not that I have nothing to post but sometimes I haven't felt like posting. Its tough to break through my mental blocks that restrict me from posting more often. And when I write I tend to edit as I write. Less stream of conscious more inner struggle. Things that sound perfect in my mind often come out less than stellar in print. Add to the mix my horrible spelling (some times even spell check has no idea what I'm trying to spell) and you have potential disaster. However no art comes to perfection without practise so more time in the rough is needed. My previous post was my longest so far. And I'm proud of that. However I don't think it came out quite like I intended. At the time I wrote it I was feeling less than motivated to start work on my gaming world. Every decision I had to make weighed heavily on me. And perhaps I was thinking to far ahead for my own good. I was attempting to tell how unheroic many systems felt. A certain feeling that was hard to describe. Its not that I'm ready to drop all other games and just run Risus.Thanks for the feedback and suggestions about last post. They made me think perhaps I didn't do a good job at getting to my meaning. Future posts will ramble on about whatever subject I'm thinking of at that moment. But are not meant to be literal. Its a mood I'm setting up not a literal balanced treatise on a topic. A window into my own gaming experience that might provide some insight to your own.

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