Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Giddy As a School Girl / A very long wait pays off

I'm giddy as a school girl. A Japanese anime school girl. Ok maybe not quite that much. But man am I pumped about the latest news from Greyhawk Grognard. My favourite cheesy 70's (it was released in 1980) sword & sorcery flick Hawk the Slayer is getting a sequel! The story is a text book example of a fantasy role playing game adventure. A mostly good group joins a charismatic leader to right a great wrong. Joseph @ GG gives a really good review of it so I won't go into more detail. The only trouble I had with it is that the heroes assembled by the leader know him from past adventures. Ok so there is another movie out there about this group and their exploits right? Wrong, a furtive pre-internet search revealed no trace of this mythical movie. Ok maybe they will make one after. I'll just wait and see. And I have been waiting ever since I first saw it on late night TV in '81 or '82. But now my long wait has paid off. I hope.

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