Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Appreciation Day

I own close to 300 rpg books. From perhaps two dozen systems. They all sit on shelves in my basement games room. Except for one. My Swords and Wizardry White Box rule book. It resides in my bed room, on a shelf near my bed. I read it frequently. It will be my choice rules for when I finally run a game again. Why? Well because I am a lazy GM. Its light and I don't have to remember a lot of rules. And its progressive, ascending AC is an option. (its one of the few things from 3rd ed liked). And Class as race is something that fits with my current ideas of a classic fantasy world. And its free. I'm not cheap but why pay when you don't have to. I will have to wrap this post up for now. A storm is coming in and I don't want the power to go out before I post this.

 -I will post more later.

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