Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Time

As the song goes its summer time and the living is easy. Except it isn't. The kids are home from school (yes I have kids, and they are very distracting). Reenacting season is going full swing. I do War Of 1812 reenacting, or as a friend calls it "1 to1 scale wargaming". I don't game much during the rest of the year but during the summer it's even less than that. I still think about gaming and I could still write about gaming. But I hit a wall of sorts back in the spring. I stopped posting for a while (I didn't feel like posting) and the weeks went by. The longer I didn't post the harder it felt to try and post something. That's it. Nothing happened, I didn't get sick or die or my computer blew up. I just stopped. To those of you whom still check this blog for new posts; thank you for persistence and patience. Consider this an ice breaker to get things flowing again. I have written down some ideas for future posts.

Here is the list :

-Homeless demi-humans, making your Drawves, Half-lings and Elves vagabonds in your world
-Spells as living entities, something Vancian this way comes
-Divine PCs, something to explain the hit point problem
-Building a background for the rules, making your world fit the game
-A new look at armour, coverage not type matters more
-Game mechanics as story elements, letting them bleed for art

 P.S. now I will have to commit to these as they are in print

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