Saturday, September 13, 2014

Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling, that was the personal motto of W. McCormack my grandfather's uncle. One hundred years ago on September 9th he enlisted in the British army. I know this because I have a copy of the transcript of his diary from that time. I will try to post all his entries on a day by day basis for the next four years. This is big project and hope I can stick it out till the end. Some Entries like this first one are only one line but others are longer. There are some large time gaps and you will just have to manage as I won't "speed up time" for this project. I know its not roleplaying ( and I was going to put it in its own blog ) but its something people might like to read. I might move it over to a separate blog later sometime.

Entry #1

Enlisted at old town hall and drilled in Davidson's Yard Until the 27th September.

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