Sunday, August 2, 2020

Reason for adventuring

 Why adventure? Even in a world where adventuring is normal why do they do it? Characters should have some reason beyond fame and riches. Another blog I read years ago suggested that in their world Dwarf society was comprised of only males, and reproduction involved carving a magical statue of your offspring. The more money spent on construction the greater the quality of the result. All dwarves quested to acquire loot for this purpose.

 I am fortunate that one of my offspring likes RPGs and I was having a conversation about this idea. In my proposed Swords and Wizardry game the non-human races don't normally leave their enclaves. She also plays D&D and had an idea for Elves. Elven society doesn't care material wealth. They are chroniclers and storytellers and information is the motivator for them. Each elf must undergo a quest for some piece of information that the Elves do not have. The quality and importance of it is judged at their return and determines their place in Elven society.

I can picture a scene of some lost treasure room;
   an Elf tossing coins and jewels aside to uncover an ancient scroll.


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