Thursday, June 3, 2021

Little Black Book

 In an effort to be a better dungeon master I have invested in some tools to help me run games. One of which is what I might refer to as the GM's book of doom. It is an A5 format, hard bound note book. The pages are printed with a 5mm dot grid originally for bullet journal-ling, but can handle writing and sketching. I never had a strict GM note book before, my notes (if i even bothered to make them) were a haphazard collection jotted down on whatever was handy. I have always had a aversion to permanence, I don't like not being able to change something or remove pages. But I started to combat that. I have a composition book that I write gaming ideas down in,  but the college ruled pages are not good for drawing. The dot grid is subtle and unobtrusive for greater creativity. I haven't decided if it will be just for a single game or more, and if it will be just encounters or world building as well. If I need more they are about $15 from Amazon, so they won't break the bank. I figure better tools will help motivate me.


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