Monday, September 20, 2010

Star Wars Swashbuckling

A thanks to James over at Grognardia for reminding me of the different paths that Star Wars could have travelled. The image above comes from the Art of Star Wars. Some of the pre-concept art shows a slightly different visual path that the movie could have taken. I don't doubt the final version of the film is better for having a more realistic look to it. The dirty used look of the spacships and the blaster props built on real guns made it look more realistic and appeal to a larger audience.

But what if it hadn't gone that way. What if the look was more say Swashbuklely*? Harness and spandex clad heroes wielding lightsabers in swordfights with shield carrying stormtroopers. How cool would that be? Then an evil thought entered my brain. What about roleplaying it? Use a fantasy roleplaying game for a no-blasters-everyone-gets-lightsabers style of action.
-insert evil laugh-
* the author makes no claims as to the validity of the word or its spelling

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ignorance Of History

I was looking at some pictures of the recient Fan Expo posted on a facebook page. And I came across this picture. The caption read "French artillery officer. (Battlefield: 1412 I think?) ". WHAT? Battlefield:1412? Does she seriously think its from a game? Really? And 1412? 1412 would be knights in plate armour. Try 1812. What are they teaching kids now? You know the War of 1812? Google it. Or Wikipedia or read a book, geez. And to be specific he is a British artillery private. Its a historical military uniform not a costume. Did it not occur to this girl to ask the guy wearing it? That level of ignorance of history just really bothers me.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Picture

At the recient Fan Expo in Toronto I got a sketch of me done by Lar Desouza, artist of the webcomic Least I could Do. I thought I would post it as my new personal picture in my bio. I originally wanted a sketch by Lar of me as if I was a character from the comic. But when asked what I wanted I blanked out and and couldn't remember so I settled for me as a cleric. Although looking at it now I notice that the figure isn't wearing arour and looks more like a mage. I am still happy with it and it depicts me with my longer hair (not many pics of me are new enough).