Wednesday, March 25, 2009

James Maliszewski is a machine

James Maliszewski is a machine, a blogging machine. His blog GROGNARDIA has some impressive stats. 63 posts so far for March, and its only the 25th. 179 posts for 2009. Last year he posted 449 times. I know its not a competition but first prize goes to him. I can for now only aspire to make the contribution to the old school movement and role-playing in general that he has. Take a bow Mr Mlaiszewski.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lets See What Happens Next

Ok another long gap without posting. However something just came to me today as I was looking through the other RPG blogs I read. First there was , Yes there is an Unbridgeable Gap From Bat In The Attic. I of course had to read, proof of an unbridgeable gap? Courtesy of Jeff's Gameblog. They both refer to, Keep Randomness Out of Your Encounters! From Living And finally Role-Playing is not...what I once thought it was from Lamentations of the Flame Princess. After reading all those something happened to me. Maybe it was the RPG Fairy with a big magical mallet. Smack over the head. And the clouds parted, and the light came through. Story, System, Roll vs Role, hack and slash, munchkins, power gamers or new style vs old school. Gaming is lets pretend. The goal is Lets See What Happens Next. However you accomplish that is your choice. Any way that works for you is the right way.