Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Big Move

I have recently moved into much larger place (3bdrm townhouse) from my tiny apartment. A big plus of the place is a finished room in the basement. And of course its my new games room. I'm still unpacking as you can see. Its about 8' by 20' so a full size gaming table might be a tight squeeze. Andy suggested instead of a 4x8 lengthwise why not a 6x5 sideways against a wall. I had my heart set on a full size table but this is a better idea. Of course this for minatures gaming not RPGs. I plan to run those around the traditional dinning room table. Does the space you have to play in shape the size of your table?

P.S. yes those are boffer weapons in the big box along with my shield,
my geekness knows no limits